Happy 150th Canada!

What Makes YOU Different?

Welcome to Care Solutions


A boutique marketing agency located in Cambridge, Ontario,
we work with a select group of local professionals who are serious about branding their businesses
with intelligence and sophistication.

 We provide marketing expertise and dedicated attention to you, as you grow and expand your organization.


Creative Marketing

Realize the cost benefits of using our marketing expertise only when needed while having us keep you top of mind at all times, sourcing and suggesting opportunities to enhance your business growth.

We develop close relationships with clients, understanding business objectives as if we were a permanent member of your staff, offering a unique solution to busy professional offices.

 Social Media Made Easy!

Social Media Management, tailored to your core objectives.

We take on the role of a Community Manager, which means we focus on enhancing your brand, attracting valuable customers, and guiding effective social media campaigns.

A Community Manager listens to what’s being said online, both about your company, and within your industry.


 SEO and Analytics

That’s why people specialize in this stuff!

High ranking websites don’t just happen overnight; they demand long term focus and an understanding of search engine preferences.

We’ll help you build strong search engine rankings through well written, fresh content, as well as relevant links and page structure.  It all starts here.